It is known that TELUGU language is widely accepted as one of the Best languages in the WORLD. 

TELUGU – The Evergreen Language Used Globally Unanimously. With this we mean, that Telugu people are indeed located across the World. The first word which a baby utters is “AMMA”, which means “MOTHER”. The purity of TELUGU language is spellbound in the lap of any Mother. Quite a many of you keep wondering – What’s great is getting only the Telugu people together? For this, each one of us should understand the power of “TELUGU” language. Everyone might be in the perception that Indolence runs parallel to Condolence. The Masters have their own way of lecturing. We at (Institute Name), are down to earth with commendable experience and achievements.

History is a wonderful teacher since it allows you to learn from someone else mistakes. But if you allow yourself to be completely bound by history, it could take your focus away from the real issues of the present and stall your progress. We might be away from our Motherland, but the blood in our body will sniff our Motherland right till the end. Our Mother tongue is “TELUGU”. Let’s live the pride of Telugu. To compete everywhere should be an expectation, not an exception. It’s all about Intent and Intention. When we say about Intent, it’s all about attitude and aggression to learn and live. Intention is all about learning and teaching from front. The generations will change, but Telugu language will not. The legacy should be continued no matter the land we reside. Hence, all the more reason our next generation should have a tight grip on TELUGU. Speaking Telugu might not be a fashion but it should definitely be a passion and it should be our birth right to learn and speak Telugu.

We at (Institute Name) create opportunities which can pave an excellent path for nurturing many young and experienced aspirants. Every individual will be made to learn and speak Telugu from their mind and heart with the thought that learning significantly impacts their own lives in the right direction. While the language skills can be taught, the desire to learn usually is not. We will ensure the learning spirit is discovered within the individual, and developed through the individual’s experience.

We are of course a focused, driven, visionary institute in driving the beauty of TELUGU language forward. The past few seasons have transcended new horizons in the field of Telugu language thereby posing unprecedented challenges to the enthusiastic learners around the world. We facilitate in pushing the achievements into prominence in all walks of life for most of the Telugu learners.

Make no mistake, we are not exaggerating. The humbleness and the love showered by our ancestors is something we should cherish till the end of our lives. For this to happen, we need to pass-on the baton to our next generations. We need to get the feel of typical Telugu villages and festivals imbibed in our next generations. This will for sure make them realize and understand the underlying beauty of our Motherland and Mother tongue.

As our elders say – try not to be a person of success, rather try being a person of value. These words should be stemmed in the deepest roots of every mind and heart. These keeps us motivated and keep practicing our thought process. Because we are aware there is no glory in practice but without practice there is no glory. Telugu language will add substantially to this glory and value.


Let Every heartbeat of ours Spell “TELUGU”

Let Every drop of our blood Smell “TELUGU”

Let Every breath of ours Sniff “TELUGU”

Let Every inch of our body Speak “TELUGU”


Come, let’s join hands together and carry forward the legacy of our wonderful language “TELUGU”.