Hunter Telugu Badi Inc is an Incorporated non-profit voluntary organization representing and serving the majority of the Telugu community of Hunter and Newcastle since 2016. Most of us miss the festivities and nativities of our Motherland. We are here to fill-in this gap and help you relish and savor the sweet aroma of our Motherland.We give a sense of togetherness to the Telugu community situated in Hunter and Newcastle. We involve in arranging various collaborative efforts across the Telugu members to celebrate various festivals like Vinayaka Chavithi, Ugadi, etc.  This will for sure not only get us to involve and support each other, but also helps in great bonding of our next generations as well.The divines of Vinayaka Chavithi, the taste of Ugadi, the togetherness of Vanabojanalu, the spirit of sports events, the energy of amusement events, to say the list is endless. We are here to drive all these senses and provide you the mesmerizing feeling of relaxation and togetherness in this land of Maitland.Not only the festivals, we also engage in conducting “Vanabojanalu”, special sports events and other amusement events as well for the Telugu community.HTBA is strongly supported by several dedicated volunteers contributing to various subcommittees very efficiently. Here is the list of the HTBA activities through various sub committees.

Telugu School

“Telugu Badi” proposal was started in 2015 to help children interested in written and spoken Telugu language. Based on the positive feedback received from parent and students, a team of dedicated volunteers started “Telugu Badi” in 2016 January. The goal of this program is to inspire and motivate Telugu children to “learn” Telugu. Telugu School is run every weekend. These Schools are recognized by NSW Government for the sanctioning of grants. Telugu Badi offers an opportunity and forum for parents and children to learn Telugu through a well-designed lesson plans. Many students are encouraged to present their skills through stage activities in the Association’s cultural functions. The classes are presently held at East Maitland Public School.

Annual functions

Telugu Association organises several functions every year, including Ugadi, Vinayaka Chavithi and Vana Bojanalu